Mid Continent Controls Announces FAA TSO-C71 Approval for 106408 Series Single USB Charger, 106416 Series Dual USB Charger, & 106409 Series Combination Outlet

Jul 16, 2019
Aircraft Controls and Instruments, MCC Updates

Mid Continent Controls is excited to announce FAA TSO-C71 approval for our aircraft usb chargers, 106408 Series Single USB Charger, 106416 Series Dual USB Charger, as well as the 106409 Series Combination Outlet.

Mid Continent Controls 106408 Series is a single USB Type-A charge port that is compliant to USB Battery Charging specification 1.2 and will provide up to 3 amps of power to devices depending on the device that is plugged in. We offer a variety of options including front and rear mount designs, with or without lids and is available in black or clear anodized as well as plated per the customer’s request

The 106416 Series offers dual USB Type-A charging ports capable of providing two outputs simultaneously. Each port is independently controlled and complies with USB Battery Charging specification 1.2, providing up to 2.1 amps of power. The dual USB charging port comes black or clear anodized and can also plated per the customer’s request

The 106409 Series offers either a 115v or 230v Universal AC outlet as well as USB Type-A, Type-C and data port options.  This solution combines both AC and DC products into one assembly that is a true drop-in replacement for most of the existing Universal AC outlets. This gives our customers quick upgrade options that provide a noticeable improvement to the customer experience. The Universal AC outlet incorporated into this product has all the same safety features we offer on our existing Universal AC outlets.

For more information please visit us at www.midcontinentcontrols.com/usb-charging/, email at sales@midcontinentcontrols.com or call us today at 316.-789-0088.