Private Planes Can Cut Costs by Embracing New Entertainment Tech

May 28, 2019
Aircraft Controls and Instruments, MCC Updates

The last couple of decades have seen incredible revolutions in the way that we consume and engage with content. While racing to the record store to get your favorite artist’s new release was once a happening thing, the evolution of the iPod and MP3 players led to a ground-breaking method of music distribution. When iTunes launched in 2003, it took a single week to reach 1 million downloads. Three years later, they hit 1 billion downloads. Last year, around 170 billion songs were downloaded. This same transformation has happened across the personal entertainment sector, with Blockbuster giving way to streaming services and eBooks progressively chipping away at the physical copy market.

Put simply, entertainment is changing, and unless you want to be left behind, it’s important to know where the trends are heading.

Progress Isn’t Leaving Planes Behind

Long plane flights have always left travelers searching for things to occupy their time, and airlines have been desperately trying to capitalize on this lack of diversion. From in-flight magazines to flight tracking services to rentable hand-held DVD players, large airlines have launched numerous options to keep their passengers entertained. Some even offer video games as part of their packages, like Virgin America’s RED Entertainment System, which allows users to access online gaming.

The problem is, these entertainment alternatives often come at too high of a cost for most flying consumers. WiFi access, movies and video games are all offered in a variety of one-time payment or subscription options by airlines; but with travel expenses already on the rise, these are an additional expense most can’t afford to factor in. Further, there are an increasingly wide variety of portable devices on the market, like iPads and Amazon Fires. These tablets offer users the ability to bring subscription services they already pay for onboard, meaning commercial passengers are turning elsewhere for their inflight entertainment.

Going Solo

But how can private planes provide these types of services without breaking the bank? When you’re in control of the in-flight entertainment, there’s an optimal solution for delivering dynamic, entertaining content to passengers at less expense than relying on individual tablets with a host of costly subscription services: the Aurora Map & Media Server.

Mid Continent Controls’ state-of-the art Aurora Map & Media Server provides an affordable option ensuring passengers are amused from take-off to landing. With the Aurora Map & Media Server, travelers can stay up-to-date on their flight status using the spheroid satellite map data. Plus, passengers can access movies and music that they’ve downloaded. And with apps available from both the Android and Apple app stores, the flight will fly by while eliminating the need for costly subscription services.

Finding the Perfect Fit

No matter the cabin specifications, the Aurora Map & Media Server provides the cutting-edge technology needed to make your passengers’ inflight experience pleasurable. Complete with an Aurora CMS system, the Map and Media Server provides an easy, user-friendly system for complete enjoyment, with the capability to control cabin controls, delivering everything you need right at the tip of your fingers. To find out more about how you can transform your in-flight entertainment while cutting costs, visit today!