Seeing Each Piece of the Puzzle

Dec 17, 2019
MCC Updates

The traditional image of a production job is one of repetitive monotony. On this episode of MarketScale’s Transportation Podcast, Tim Bynum, Production Manager for Mid Continent Controls, sat down with Sean Heath to discuss the way he approaches building the long-term skill set for their employees.

The first step in establishing a rewarding career is establishing a few basic skills, Bynum said.

“That skill set is like a stepping stone for them to start from the basics and move up to a broader experience level where they can use that in those roles as a supervisor or as a planner or something where their expertise is required,” he said.

The opportunity to perform several different tasks throughout the production process has helped many of their current employees expand their roles with the company.

“We’ve had a couple of employees that have started out in a production area and, based on the experience and based on the knowledge they’ve gained while being a part of the production team, they’ve moved on to other positions in the company,” Bynum said.

He also shared a few of the trends that are gaining traction in the aviation industry.

“The latest thing that’s coming out is the USB-C type product,” Bynum said. “The main thing that seems to be really steady for us are Bluetooth-type products.”

Although there is not one specific personality type that is singularly suited for a skill set that includes soldering, curiosity in childhood seems to be a good trait to have, according to Bynum.

“There are probably many times that I got in trouble for taking stuff apart and not being able to put it back together,” he said.