Why Choose Mid Continent Controls? Experience the MC2 Difference

Mar 10, 2020
MCC Updates

When it’s time to select a partner for power and cabin solutions, it’s not the time to settle.

By selecting a Mid Continent Controls solution, you’ll receive cutting-edge technology, constant innovation, unmatched style, and industry-leading reliability and safety.

At Mid Continent Controls, we’re powered by more than two decades of leadership in the aviation industry, giving us a wealth of experience to leverage when crafting your perfect and unique solution.

Let’s take a deeper dive into what sets Mid Continent Controls apart.

  1. We understand the importance of getting it right the first time.
    When you’re trusted to create or maintain an ideal solution, it’s important that you deliver upon that vision. We develop our solutions with the same care and attention to detail you pride yourself on, and the finished result reflects that. You don’t want to settle, and you shouldn’t.
  2. We provide thorough testing and certification. Without quality, safety, reliability, functionality and seamless cabin integration, your solution won’t deliver on our promise or meet your initial vision. Our thorough testing and certification process ensure that the hard work is taken off your shoulders, leaving you to enjoy your custom solution.
  1. We guide your solution through a state-of-the-art production process. While the design, testing and implementation of your custom solution are critical, the MC2 difference lies in our cutting-edge production process. To be an industry leader, you need to have industry-leading tools and execution, and our production process provides just that.
  1. We offer customizable offerings for any size VIP aircraft cabin. At Mid Continent Controls, we’re passionate about crafting the perfect solution for you. To that end, we analyze your individual and customer demographic requirements, assess your pain points and how we can address them, and use that information to provide a cost-effective, feature-rich, custom solution expertly tailored to you.

When you add it all up, the result is clear – a successful solution leads to a confident pilot and crew, satisfied passengers, and expectations being exceeded. That’s our goal, and we’re committed to leveraging every resource available to meet it.

Mid Continent Controls offers a variety of products, from the Aurora CMS system for complete cabin management to switch panels, and AC power, USB charging and connectivity solutions.

Don’t settle. Take your first step toward fulfilling your power or cabin solution vision by contacting Mid Continent Controls at midcontinentcontrols.com/contact/.